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e are your source for the world’s finest Premium Natural Spring Water.  Almost Heaven Natural Spring Water is drawn directly from the springs surfacing in the midst of Berkeley Springs State Park. Carefully managed and preserved by West Virginia's Department of Natural Resources, these waters are naturally filtered through layers of Oriskany Sandstone. Built in 1815, the Springhouse stands in Berkeley Springs State Park.

Within 100 yards of the Springhouse, warm mineral springs flow at a rate of 1000 gallons per minute.  Before the Springhouse was built, the warm waters of Berkeley Springs were well known. George Washington was a member of the survey party to plot the western limits of Thomas Lord Fairfax’s lands. At that time the spring was known as “Ye Fam’d Warm Spring”. For years afterward George Washington continued to visit the springs, thought to have a restorative quality.

These celebrated “springs” were visited by such historical figures as George and Martha Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Stonewall Jackson, Lord Fairfax, and Lafayette helping to establish its reputation as a health resort. The waters continue to be a main draw of the community today with several spas using the water in their treatments.

You can now enjoy this healthy alternative in your home or office. Nourishing, great tasting, natural spring water with a high pH is just what your body needs. We offer a variety of coolers and the convenience of great tasting natural spring water to fit your needs.

This priceless gift of nature is completely free of chemicals, contaminants, and pollutants.